Welcome to Green Acres Elementary School! Home of the Grizzlies!

“Green Acres…A diverse community empowering success for all!”

The staff welcomes you to Green Acres Elementary School. We want you to enjoy your years here and hope the challenges you face encourage you to do your best in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. We want you to take pride in Green Acres Elementary School, appreciating the diversity present in our school. We want Green Acres Elementary School to be a safe place for all students, and we encourage you to come to school each day ready to give it your best. We will help you be successful and to celebrate your successes!

One belief we have is this: A child educated only at school is under-educated. Please take the time to read to your child as often as possible. Also, listed below are some ways to help extend educational opportunities.

  • Please read all available information. Between newsletters, letters home and publications provided from the school you will find answers for many of your questions, or at the very least, additional information to help ask the right questions. Your feedback is always encouraged and welcomed.
  • Attend School Events. Throughout the year we offer multiple opportunities to see and experience what happens at Green Acres and I welcome you to take advantage of those opportunities. Please check the weekly Tuesday folder for these events.
  • Parent-Teacher Club meetings. Watch for the Parent-Teacher Club meetings to be announced this fall!
  • Volunteer. We will be sending home information on volunteering opportunities along with an application to volunteer. Everyone is required to complete a volunteer application if you have an interest in helping at the school. Please return the application to the office if you are interested in assisting in the school.