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Dear Green Acres School Families,
Thank you for the amazing opportunity to work with your children at Green Acres. It is my privilege to work with a team of inspiring families and educators who encourage, challenge, support and celebrate student learning. 
At Green Acres, we are trauma informed. We understand and learn how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can affect how students learn–and how our own experiences and biases affect how we may interact with students. 
Therefore, we are committed to: 
  • Using the core curriculum with fidelity and implementing high expectations for all students 
  • Practicing AVID strategies daily to improve student engagement and rigor
  • Following practices to model and affirm positive behaviors (PBIS)
  • Practicing restorative practices
  • Implementing character education for all students (PurposeFull People)
  • Supporting social emotional learning (DESSA)
  • Collaborating and participating in professional learning teams
  • Engaging in data-driven decision-making with an equity lens
  • Embracing and encouraging student goal-setting and assessment through strengths-based lens
If you have questions about any of our commitments–or anything happening at Green Acres–please ask! What we do together matters, and you matter! I look forward to hearing from and working with you to help your student succeed. 
When I’m not at Green Acres, if the sun is shining, you may find me spending time on the water or camping near it with my family. I also love playing with my precious grandchildren, Cooper and Amelia.
Warm Regards, 
Amanda L. Plummer